Comprehensive Online & Classroom Drivers Education


Anywhere and anytime from a web-enabled computer, you can go online and take Duncan's new online education course. Driver safety and education experts develop and test our 30-hour course in strict compliance with the Driver Education requirements as set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. After purchasing the online course , expect to wait up to 72 hours before the confirmation email is sent.


Measurable goals, online testing, and even a certificate of completion make Duncan's training the most effective program available today. Delivered in convenient online modules, our online course covers key safety topics.


• Driving Impaired

• Avoiding Distracted Driving

• Avoiding Aggressive Driving

• Avoiding Collisions While Changing Lanes

• Avoiding Collisions While at Intersections

• Avoiding Collisions While Backing and Parking

• Properly Maintaining Your Vehicle

Contact us here for instruction that leaves you with a better understanding of road rules.

• Ready to Drive

• Managing Your Time and Speed

• Preventing Rear-End Collisions

• Protecting Yourself and Your Vehicle

• The One-Second Advantage

• Driving Safely next to Large Trucks

• Proper Use of Seatbelts and Airbags

• Breakdown Safety

• Driving in the Rain

• Winter at the Wheel

• Tire Pressure - Mileage and Traction

• Using Your Anti-Lock Braking System

• Understanding Traffic Signals and Signs

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